There are many different steps towards starting up your own business and nowadays creating online materials, in particular, a website, is crucial towards getting your company known to the world. One of the main aspects of building a site is how to buy a best domain name.

Steps to Buy Best Domain Name

Buying a domain name doesn’t just happen overnight, and there are several helpful tips to make the process a little more straightforward and simple. Your domain name has to be registered and paid for before you can start any form of a website, so it is essential that it is done right. Here are the three main steps to buying the best domain name for your company.

Step One: Coming up with Best Domain Name

Choosing the domain name for your website is an essential part of creating your site and is the starting point to creating success. It is always better to have a unique name, something that people remember because your name is the first impression that people will have and pick up on. This is where it starts to get tricky; a common mistake is people forget, is that when a name is made into a domain, it is condensed into one word. There are so many different examples of company’s unintentionally creating inappropriate domain names and are then stuck with it. Once something is uploaded onto the web, it can be proven tricky to change as it has already been seen, you don’t want to do anything that could affect your branding, primarily as a new business. As a whole, you want to try to avoid as many future issues as possible.

The name of your company is always the best option for your domain name; sometimes this can be a problem if your company name uses words or phrases that are common or associated with another business or even if you have the same name as another company. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to change your name; it may mean it would be a good idea to use a hyphen or abbreviate the name when creating the domain.

For example, can be changed to:


Another aspect to consider is the length of your domain name, as a whole the shorter the name, the better. It makes it easier for people to find you because shorter names are more likely to stick in your mind. Use the name to give the public an insight and idea about what the company is about, what you offer and what areas you target. It can sometimes be a struggle to come up with an original company name so several different online business name generators can do all of the hard work for you. One useful name generator site is Shopify, it allows you to type in keywords that you would like to include and then generates a company name, as well as checking the domain availability.

Step Two: Your Domain Name Registrar

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Deciding on who to register your domain name with can be a lengthy process and involves some research to ensure that you find not only the best deal, but with the best quality registrar for you. All registration companies will claim they are the best, so the most efficient way of honestly finding out is to read reviews from previous users and research customer ratings. Being a startup company can work in your favour, as a lot of companies will provide offers to beat their competitors, you can find yourself a good deal with most companies offering the first year of registration at a discounted fee or sometimes for free.

It is also recommended to look into how much companies charge to renew your registration and even better if you can find somewhere that will renew it automatically for you each year. If you don’t want to have to worry about having to renew each year and are confident you are keeping your domain name for an extended period; some companies offer a long-term registration that can stretch to as long as ten years.

Some of the most popular domain name registration sites are the following:


GoDaddy is the biggest domain registrar in the world and offers your first-year registration as a .com site for as low as £0.99. They require a two-year purchase and any additional years will cost you £13.10. offers your first year free for and .com sites, as well as a free website builder and free email, which is a helpful tool if you are a first-time business owner.


123Reg allows you to search any domain name and it tells you whether or not your name is already taken, if so it gives you a list of alternative domains, along with the first year prices of each.

Step Three: Buy Best Domain Name

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The most important part when buying your domain name is ensuring that your name is registered as the domain’s owner. This is crucial; it means that no one else can take control of your companies’ domain name and it will always be traced back to you, rather than the company you used to register with. As part of the end of the process, you will be asked for your details, including your full name, contact number and address. It is a good idea to use the businesses information for this instead of your personal details because depending on the company, the information can be available to the public on your website. Some companies automatically hide the information for free, but others make you pay for it to be hidden. The actual buying process is relatively straightforward and is usually done with a step by step process, just like buying anything else online, you can use any credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc. to make your payment. Once your domain name is registered and paid for, you are free to start building your website.


As a whole, buying the best domain name for your company is a relatively easy process; with enough research, it should be pretty stress-free. As previously mentioned, there are several different step by step registration sites that will help you along the way. Once you have decided on, registered and purchased your domain name, it is an aspect of your business that you do not have to worry about again. This means it is always recommended to spend some time initially making sure the name is perfect for you and all steps of the registration are done correctly. Taking care in at the very beginning will radically lower the chance of future problems and issues that could affect crucial aspects of your business, such as your companies reputation. If all done well, the only time that you should have to edit your domain name is if you decide to change your company name.

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