Every year we see a whole host of new and exciting website trends grow in popularity, some of which are more successful than others. As a business, it is essential to always keep a lookout for new ideas that could be incorporated into your website.

Top Website Trends

Nowadays, the world revolves around the internet and the overgrowing technology market, which means that aspects are continuously changing and evolving. January is filled with new opportunities and motivation to make a difference, and this applies to your business too. Why not take a look at our top website trends of 2018 for some inspiration!

Vibrant Colour Schemes

It has always been recommended to keep your website as simple and clean-looking as possible, but this is the year to step out of your comfort zone and bring a new splash of colour to your business. Throughout 2017, we saw the huge rise of 90’s inspired themes trending, with bright, vibrant colours being the biggest trends. Colours are used to connote emotions, with colours such as yellow giving off automatic correlations with happiness and positivity. It will take a bit of time researching and experimenting with colour schemes to find the right balance for you. This can sometimes be hard, too little vibrancy could be unnoticed but too much is likely to put potential clients and customers off. Canva has built a fantastic resource, which includes 50 different examples of perfectly suited colour schemes for websites, along with examples.

colour schemes

Mobile Friendly Focus

Maintaining a mobile-friendly website is as important as ever, use of mobiles to view sites is quickly overtaking desktops. Over half of search engine searches are on mobile devices, meaning that up to 60% of your audience will be viewing your website from their phone. It is vital to make sure that your website is mobile responsive, as well as on all other devices such as computers, laptops and tablets. Every time you make a change on your site, dramatic or minimal, test out how it looks on mobile and immediately make any necessary changes.


Creating interactive aspects on your website is one of the simplest ways to tick the personalisation box. Interactions do not need to be complex, as little as a comment box on blog posts or a contact form would do the job. It will set your website aside from your competitors as interactions make your audience feel as if you have added it for their benefit, you care about their experience, making your business seem more trustworthy.


One of the most significant trends that are coming up over and over again is the idea of animations on your website. Designers now have more technology and equipment than ever, meaning that we are no longer limited to flat, 3D imagery. There are specific pages of a site that is hard to make engaging, such as loading pages when a customer has bought a product or is waiting for a response. These are the best opportunities to add in a subtle animation related to your industry or website. Animations are fun and eye-catching, they can help you create a unique twist to your website.

Bespoke Typography

Gone are the days where websites are known for only consisting simple fonts in basic tones such as black, white or grey. The trend now is the bigger and more unique the better. Typography can be a work of art, play around with different ideas such as overlaying images on the text or creating illusions. The text on your website is the first thing that your audience will notice, so make it intriguing and stand out from the crowd, make them wonder what else you can offer.

Grid Layouts

Grid layouts have always been a must-have for website designers, but why not consider the idea of adding a modern twist to a less structured, broken grid look. The use of a grid layout creates an impression of clarity and organisation, which doesn’t necessarily have to be disregarded, but instead modernised. Instead of trying to hide white spaces and fill them with imagery, designers are making use of the blank spaces and laying pictures on top with text across both. Take your basic structure and juggle it around, move their positioning, so they are a little off-line or different sizes.

website guideline


Creating illustration is a more challenging concept, but can be really effective if done properly. Illustrations are a great way of explaining the information on your website without having to add big bulk sets of text, which often put audience’s off. The style of your illustrations can reflect your company, if you are more of a corporate, professional company, the imagery can be simple and precise. Whereas, if your business is quirky and modern, try playing aorund with the colouring of your illustrations, making them look more organic.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a new website effect that is mesmerising anyone who comes across a site that incorporates the feature. This technique gives the impression of a 3D look, where the background moves at a slower rate to the foreground, making the website look as if it is telling a story. The best way to understand parallax scrolling is to experience the feature, so take a look at this Awwwards article, which includes 30 great examples!

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

To summarise the trends for 2018, they are all about experimenting with new looks and designs and stepping out of your comfort zone. We are seeing a considerable rise in popularity of contemporary looks over more simplistic designs. The overall appearance of your site has to essentially be a reflection of your company, the first impression that you want potential customers or clients to receive when they visit. Investing in a website on a CMS hosting platform is a great way to make changes to your site as you can log in and edit any content whenever you please, making it easier to be able to follow current trends.

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