In the ever-evolving digital age, generating a positive profile online is vital. A fully functioning, appealing website and enticing social media posts can do more for your business nowadays than anything else. No matter the type of business and industry you specialise in, there are a few simple tips that will guarantee to help you to generate profit online.

Top Tips To Generate Profit Dramatically

To date, there are an estimated 644 million websites on the internet, so how can you make sure that yours is seen by your target audience and they then continue to make a conversion?

Whether you have a website powered by basic web hosting or you go a little more complex with an e-commerce hosted website, you want your investment to be worth it. It all starts with the basics, so let’s get down to the foundations and undercover why you may not be making a profit online.

Does Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd?

Every internet user follows the same pattern – jump into a website, judge by first impressions, then stay if they like the look of it, or bounce straight back off if it’s not their cup of tea. Of course, it’s impossible to please every potential user out there, but making sure that your website is user-friendly, visually appealing and works on all devices is critical.

Competitor research is essential, spend some time researching into what companies offer a similar service or products as you. Ask yourself, if i was a customer or client, who would I choose to spend my money on? Be honest, if it’s not you then investigate why. Are there any changes you can make to your site to make yours more effective? Are they doing anything you’re not?

Next is usability, is your website speed high on all devices? On average, users will only allow up to 3 seconds for a website to load before they give up and look elsewhere. If your website is chugging along trying to load for longer than average, take a look at this article on how to improve speed and performance of your website for some helpful advice.

Make the most out of the free tools that are available on the internet, particularly those provided by Google. Google Analytics is a fantastic tool to analyse all aspects of your website ranging from anything from the bounce rate to what makes are most viewed. This will give you a huge insight into areas that are not proving as successful and will be a huge factor that will contribute to making improvements plans.

Google Analytics

Are You Posting Regularly On Social Media?

Social media is everywhere nowadays, without even thinking twice, we are guilty of waking up in the morning and scrolling through social media to see whats going on in the world. We seem to find out breaking news quicker through Twitter than we do on BBC News, so use this to your advantage.

Build a concrete social following who are interested in what your business has to offer, keep them updated on all of the goings on of your company. As much as people hate to admit it, most social media users spend their free time on their favourite channels because they are nosey and want to be in the loop on everything that is going on, so give them something to feed their interest.

The main aim is to post content that is useful; this can be anything from latest celebrity news related to your industry to competitions to articles you have uploaded on your website. Articles are fantastic for generating money as it gives you the chance to share your knowledge on the industry. Offering tips and honest advice builds trust. Posting case studies, success stories and pictures of your work is so effective, show off what you can do. You want your audience to instantly think of you when they are in need of a product or service that you specialise. The more you put out there to grab the interest of your target audience, the more likely they are to trust you and spend their money on your services or products over your competition.

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Is Your Website On Page One Of Google?

It is very rare to come across someone who will scroll further than page two or three to find a website, especially if they are seeking a particular service or product. Make sure that your website is never missed by making sure that you are on page one of Google, whether this is through organic ranking or paid ads.

Organic ranking involves a lot of work and may take up to six months, but once achieved, it is unlikely that you will experience a significant drop. It is recommended to enlist the help of a specialist marketing team to put in place effective campaigns.

Although paid ads do not technically mean that you are on page one, they do mean that your website will be visible at the top of the search results for your chosen keywords while you work on organic ranking. Google AdWords does require an initial investment, but if successful you can receive a huge return. You are able to tailor and personalise every aspect of your campaigns, from the budget you set each day to the essential information that will show for your business. You are able to pause AdWords campaigns at any time and alter your budget if you find that it costs too much to maintain.

How Should You Implement These Tips?

The best piece of advice you could intake as a business owner is to start off small and work your way up. Build a structured plan of what you plan to implement each month, start by raising awareness of your business and then begin to invest money into generating a profit. A successful business takes time and an incredible amount of hard work and dedication. It may seem worthless a first, but we promise that you will see the return eventually!

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