Finalising the finishing touches and making the last alterations to your business website is an exciting time, you are now ready to utilise your website to its full advantage and put marketing techniques into place.

With over 644 million websites active on Google to date, it can be tricky to know where to start to ensure that yours stands out from the crowd and conversions are created. There are a few simple tips for marketing a new website that will guarantee to make a solid foundation for success.

4 Useful Tips For Marketing A New Website

So, you’ve invested in a brand new website showing off what your business has to offer, but the hard work doesn’t end there. Now comes the most important part, getting your website out there and known to your target audience. The trickiest part of marketing is knowing the difference between creating awareness and coming across spammy. Implementing our top tips will give you the perfect foundation ensuring that you have a good balance between the two.

1. Social Media

How many times have you come across a great social media page with engaging, useful content then gave it a follow or like, so you can keep yourself with the going on’s of the business? If this sounds familiar to you, then use it to your advantage, start by building a profile on different social media platforms.

Different industry types are often better suited to different social media platforms. No matter your area of expertise, always start by setting up a Facebook business page, Facebook is vital for every business. Since the very beginning, Facebook has always been the number one used network, to date it has around 2.19 billion active users each month, so can you really afford to not use it to your advantage as much as possible?

The remainder of platforms very much depends on your target audience. If you’re a B2B company, then always opt for LinkedIn, it is the hotspot for making professional connections. Whereas, if you are more B2C, such as a beautician or plumber, Instagram is the place to be. Use your spare time to its full ability, invest time only into social media platforms that are most relevant to your industry.

Another useful tip is to add social media icons to your website, which when clicked, will automatically take the user to your profiles. Always ensure that there is a bar at the bottom of each article you upload on your website with these icons. It means if someone loves your article, they will be able to share it directly on their social media page within a matter of seconds.

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2. SEO

Search engine optimisation is vital for small, start-up businesses, it gives you the chance to rank organically on Google. As a whole, the higher ranked you are on Google, the more trustworthy and reliable your company will seem. Never underestimate how must users trust and rely on Google for their choices. SEO comes in many forms, including articles, link building and guest posts, many of which we will go into greater detail about later on in this article.

Without a high-quality website, SEO becomes very tricky, you can put an incredible amount of work into ranking high, but if when a user clicks onto the website, and it is unresponsive, they most likely will bounce straight off. To avoid the issue of a high bounce rate, we recommend that you carry out a thorough audit of your website regularly. Look out for factors such as userbility, speed and appearance. Is it easy for users to navigate through your website to find the necessary information? Do pages and images load within at least 3 seconds? Does the website look right? If you were an outsider would you trust the website through its appearance? If you have a website with e-commerce hosting, are your products shoppable, would you buy from your website if you were a shopper?

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3. Building Links

As mentioned previously, building links is a key aspect of SEO, it considerably contributes to a high authority. There are many different ways in which you can achieve link building including directory listings, guest posts and mentions on social media.

When submitting your website to directories, always check that it has a high domain authority. Downloading the Moz Toolbar to your browser is a helpful tool to help distinct worthwhile listings from ones that won’t bring much traffic to your website. Always opt for websites that have a domain authority of at least 30 or more.

Guest posting is one of the most traditional forms of link building, it involves contacting industry related bloggers, websites and publications in the hope that they will feature a post written by you on their platforms. Always steer clear of any businesses that may be potential competitors, you do not want to give them access to your quality content.

Whenever you mention an external business in an article, send them a message on their most active social media platform or send them an email making them aware. If they then continue on to share your article, then great, this is an added link!

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4. Remarketing

Remarketing can be achieved through many different channels, but we’re going to focus on Google AdWords. Google AdWords allows you to set up paid ad campaigns on Google using a specific keyword you wish to show for. It’s great to invest a little money into whilst you’re waiting for your website to rank organically.

Remarketing on your ad campaigns mean that you can target people who you know have visited your website in the past. You are investing money into users who you know for definite are interested in the products or services you provide. This dramatically increases the likelihood of a conversion, on average.

For more information and a full guide to Google Remarketing, take a look at this useful WordStream article!

Utilise Your New Website!

Even if you have an existing website that may not be proving as successful and gaining as much traffic as you had hoped, it’s never too late to start implementing marketing techniques. The more consistent you are with uploading fresh content to your platforms and channels, the higher you will rank and the more traffic you will receive. We always recommend opting for a website built with CMS hosting as it allows you to go in and add new content at any time. Be proud of your business and show off what you can offer to clients or customers – ultimately prove to them why they should choose you over your competitors!

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