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We provide a vast variety of both popular and unique website domains guaranteed to drive traffic to your site. Our experienced team understand the significant importance of a successful name, so will assist you in finding the perfect one for your business through our domain name search.

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The Most Popular Domain Names

Choose the perfect domain for your business or website to maximise customer traffic, take a look at some of the most popular yet affordable domain names our previous customers have purchased.

  • .com£0.99
  • .uk£0.99
  • .net£9.99
  • .org£0.99
  • .eu£7.99
  • .blog£11.99
  • .uk£5.99
  • .club£8.99
  • .london£17.99

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We Use Control Panel

Control Panel allows our sites to be more user-friendly, use complex hosting features with this industry standard software.

Advanced DNS Control

The basic job of DNS is to direct your website to another web server, it’s a powerful tool and can allow you to control your individual DNS records.

FAQs On Domains

Similar to how a phone number points to a telephone, a domain name is an address that points to a server or website on the Internet. It is an easy to remember, descriptive mask for the hard to remember, numeric IP Address of a server.

To find a domain you search for availability, this can be done using any domain providers- try using the search form above!

Anyone can register a domain as long as they are over the age of 18 and can pay the purchase fee.

To register a domain you must first of all purchase a domain which states that you own this domain and provide your details as well as this.

TDL’s are the last extensions added at the end of your domain name, i.e ( the TDL is the

DNS is the records which decide where your domain is pointing. DNS records control where your website and email settings point too.

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Here at Dot Hosting, we are dedicated to achieving a 100% customer satisfaction rate which means that we are privileged to receive positive customer feedback!

  • Jamie Clarkson
  • Business Owner

"I would highly recommend Dot Hosting to any business looking for outstanding service; they really are one of the best hosting companies around! They have helped me with my business from the very beginning, and I know that they are only a phone call away if I needed any help or advice – a huge thank you to the team at Dot Hosting!"